Small Modular Homes

Building a Modular Home with no Heating Bill

Small Modular Homes
Reducing Heating Bill

Modular home is not just an efficient, cost effective, and simple way of home construction, but is one of the greenest ways of home building. Whatever the size of the modular home that you are planning to build, modular home manufacturers can build in features to make the home energy efficient. They can also build in features to cut down the heating bill, but these features will increase the modular homes prices. Some of the features incorporated to the best modular homes are explained below.

Solar Panels

This is one of the most obvious ways to have a green modular home. Solar panels can either help to generate electricity that can be used to run the HVAC system or to heat water for showers. Even if the modular home is located in an area where many hours of sunlight are not available, the usual daylight can be used to generate enough electricity to keep the entire home warm.

Wind Turbines

If you are planning to install your modular home in a coastal area or near mountains, you can ask your modular homebuilder to install a wind turbine to generate electricity. Yet note that wind turbines work efficiently when they are installed on poles rather than mounting them on the roof of the modular home. In addition, it is a relatively simple process to hook up the turbine to the power supply system of the home and get enough electricity to run the HVAC system of the home.


Presence of good quality insulation can go a long way in reducing the home heating bills. Most of the modular home manufacturers offer high quality insulation on the ceiling and walls. They also add the best standard doors and windows available in the market to improve the insulation of the home. Presence of efficient insulation can help you cut down the heating and cooling charges drastically. Good insulation can help keep your house cool in summer and warm in winter.

Geothermal Heat

Not all locations are suitable to install wind turbines or solar panels. If you are planning to install your new modular home in a place where there is not much wind or sunlight, you can opt for geothermal energy. This is the heat generated by the core of the Earth. Adding a geothermal pump to your new modular home can offer you a source of completely free heat.

Remember, there is no single method to decrease the heating bills to zero, but a mixture of some the above methods can help you nullify the heating charges.