Customized Front Porch for Your Mobile Home

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Customized Front Porch

You could simply expand the living area of your home by building a sunshade or a small cooking space. Before that, enquiring for the work permit and being in liaison with the building rules proves to be pivotal. Here are some of the other factors to be considered to make an attractive front porch for your mobile home.

Frame the Roof Structure

This shall be taken into consideration if your mobile home is to stay for a longer period. Have talks with your builder to know the type of original construction material, and take suggestions regarding work either with wood or with metal. The porch shall be fastened with specialized bolts that won’t break easily.

Draw the Detailed Plan

The porch roofing can be made pretty much on the same line with the mobile home or one level up of the construction. Building sloped roofing helps to offer free flow of rainwater during monsoon and avoid overflow. Normally salt-treated lumber is the ideal framework, supported by bolts and nuts.

Construct the Decks and Base

The wood decks must be covered with the 12 inches apiece concrete slab. The constraint to this type of base work is the rain and snow, which may cause stains to form on the foundation. Paint varnish on the woodwork that is exposed beyond the mobile home to avoid damages from rainwater.

Build the Cover for the Framework

Builders get tempted to snub the beams in favor of plywood sheathing with asphalt shingles. As sunshade, you may want to consider the transparent or translucent glass work. Think of running your fingers through the sparkling raindrop for time pass. On a serious note, you may even add gutters and downspouts to provide the best shelter.

Using the Leftovers for Extra Additions

Never waste a piece of wood or metal when it comes to cutting down the finishing cost. You can simply use the leftovers to build shelves and cabinet which may come in handy during family gatherings. The privacy is of utmost importance but placing a television encourages the neighbors to come knocking on your doors. Ever tried the Barbecue up-front?

The thing that differentiates mobile home with the modular home is great flexibility. In case, if you are looking for modular homes prices for your neighbor, do check out with the builder regarding the finishing cost.