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Raised Ranch Style Prefabs of the Sixties

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Raised Ranch Style

A raised ranch style modular home is a one-story house, having a split between the first floor and the basement. Even in the 1960’s, a raised ranch had two staircases, one going up to the first floor and the other towards the basement. This is known as a bi-level prefab home design, the foundation of which was elevated 5 feet above the ground back then. The rear of a raised ranch style home can have wooden exit doors, or even the full-slide windows in some floor plans. Below are some facts about the sixties style raised ranch prefabs.

Raised Ranch are Coded Like Cape Cod Design

Raised ranch expands a living space much like the Cape Cod design. The raised foundation provides space inside the adobes; gives natural light if windows are placed appropriately. To provide natural light inside the adobes, larger windows shall be placed in the basement as per the building codes.

Raised Ranch Provide Recessed Entry if Needed

You could use cantilevers underneath the modular home or right up-front in raised ranch style modular homes for sale. Again, the homeowners must tell how the foundation should be set up. A raised ranch can have narrow cantilevers to recess the entry through the front door. Two-foot cantilevers are narrower than the main floor, though they provide good looks up-front.

T-Shaped Raised Ranches Exist

The T-shaped ranches have two legs. On one leg of the T-shape ranch stays on the prefab with the other firmly grounded in tri-level raised prefab. The T-shaped design concepts may not necessarily work on a flat surface, as well as it does on a sloped surface.

Benefits of a Raised Ranch for the Contractors

Contractors could implement plumbing systems in a raised ranch style modular homes for sale, 60’s style. Builders help minimize digging costs for a contractor by implementing raised ranch style in a sloped property. Besides, homeowners could drive a car easily into the garage underneath if the property has sufficient slope.

Raised ranch is one of the golden prefab home styles, which is being used even today, the Scandinavian style being another one in the line. Old concepts, decades apart, still mesmerize modern modular homes industry.