Recent Modular Home Trends that Caught the Eye of Home Designers

Modular Homes For Sale
Modular Home Trends

When it is about modular homes for sale, most builders love to experiment the trendy modules everywhere. In the bygone year, some of the builders had mixed up the contemporary modules with vintage and traditional styled ones. Given below are some of the latest trends that have caught the eye of home designers, with a given emphasis on sustainable living.

Brunch Space in Modular Kitchen

Large open spaces, stand-and-serve plateaus, etc., are gaining traction in prefab housing segment. Of course, everybody loves to accommodate space inside a prefab tiny house, and where would it be the best except the modular kitchen. By standing at a corner, the occupants shall have the brunches quickly or drink a juice in the added area.

Mishmash Kitchen Cabinets

There is no rule that states the color of a modular kitchen should stay uniform. Designers try pale colors on the countertop, and go for bold and bright colors in the kitchen cabinet. In fact, the mishmash colored modular kitchen cabinets are easier to spot from up close. Try something wooden or grayish, or colors that light up the modular kitchen interior, and experience the results yourself.

Modular Home Hall as the Reader’s Hub

Even in today’s tech-savvy world, modular home occupants remain to be avid readers. The best modular homes would have a library in the basement or in the private room. The designers, on the other hand, have made the front hall into a reader’s hub recently. The front hall has appropriate space and the kind of furniture that provides reading comfort.

Bathroom cum Living Space

A half-bathroom with a translucent bathroom window is fun and so is a lavish bath in the living room. The contemporary bathrooms in a modular home resemble the interior of living rooms. In fact, contemporary or classic won’t matter; the occupants may want to take a functional bath by turning on the heater.

Sustainable Living Options

The modular homes for sale have plenty of modules and appliances that are fully sustainable, energy-efficient. One of the appliances that provide sustainable living is the electric fireplace in the front hall, exactly where the TV stays. Being electric, such type of fireplace does not emit the smoke or stink for that matter. “Lay back, relax, and get on with whatever you want” should be the motto of modular home lifestyle in 2017.