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Modular Home Electrical Works

The modules for modular homes are made in factories and the homes will be prewired. As these homes are prewired, they need only little electrical work when compared to the site-built homes. However, you will need the service of an electrician to connect the panel box and for any additional wiring for the modular home.

It will be a wise decision to depend on a professional electrician to make all the electric connection of the modular home to ensure safety and security. Listed below are a few points to note when performing the electrical works in your modular home.

Meter Box, Mast, and Service Entrance Connections

A licensed electrician should do the installation of the permanent electric connection to the modular home and the utility company will install the electric meter. It will be better to do the electric connection as early as possible. This will allow subcontractors finishing the work of the modular home to use power tools without the need to have a generator.

Basement Wires

The electrical wires in the crawl space or basement of the new modular home should be installed as per the state and local building codes. Basements and foundations of modular homes are considered wet spaces and will need ground fault interrupts (GFIs) to be installed.

If you are planning to install a refrigerator or sump pump in your mobile home, it is essential to have a non-GFI circuit to offer power. In addition, it is very important to follow local and state codes while finishing the electrical works of modular homes.

Heating and Air Conditioning Wires

Any wires that supply power to the heating and cooling system of the modular homes should be installed with its own circuit breaker. This work will be finished either by the HVAC contractor or by the electrician. If your modular home is fitted with a standard electric baseboard heater, you just have to connect the wires to the panel box.

Exterior Lighting Wires

If you need exterior lighting for your modular home, it should be installed by an experienced electrician. If you are planning to have spotlights, lampposts, garden lighting, etc., it will better to have the modular home manufacturer wire for the connections to the exterior lights, rather than making the connections after the delivery of the home.

Of course, having the manufacturer perform all the wiring works at the factory setting would help you save some money on the later electrical jobs.