How to Cool Down your Modular Home, Economically

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Keeping the indoors of your modular home cool when the outdoors is hot can be a real problem. It is true that air conditioning systems will offer some relief, but they can shoot up the energy charges. Interestingly, there are a few things that you can do to keep modular homes cool without using much of air conditioning. The best way to do this is to reflect the heat that falls on the home.

Modular home manufacturers and experts claim that dark colored and dull exteriors can absorb around ninety percent of the radiant heat falling on the surface. This will easily increase the temperature of the home and will lead to high cooling charges. The tips shared below can help you cut down the cooling costs and still keep the home cool.

Paint the Roof

Housing experts say that about one-third of unwanted heat buildup inside modular homes comes through the roofing of the home. With the traditional materials, it will be difficult to control this in the coming summer months.

A good idea will be to apply a reflective coat to the existing roof of the home. These roof coatings will be available in local hardware stores. These coatings are waterproof and reflecting at the same time, thereby helping you to cool down the home and seal small cracks in the roofing.

Treat the Windows

This is another area, through which, radiant heat enters your home. The heat entering through windows causes about forty percent of unwanted heat buildup in modular homes. To control that, you can add reflective coating to the windows of the home.

These coatings are nothing but treated plastic sheets and can help keep your home cooler. Apart from keeping your home cool, these sheets can also cut glare, thereby decreasing fading of carpets, furniture, and curtains inside the home.

Paint Walls

Wall is another area that can lead to heat buildup inside homes, but the color of wall is not as important as that of the roofing. We all know that white surfaces absorb less heat than the dark ones, so painting your wall with light colored paints will be a good idea to keep the home cool.

Besides decreasing the heat inside the house, bright and light walls can also help to increase the life of the sidings, especially on the south, west, and east sides of the home.