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How to Create More Storage Spaces in a Modular Home

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Modular Home Storage Spaces

The compact nature of a modular home confers several advantages to the homeowner such as comfort and simple living. This is one of the main reasons why people choose modular homes as a reliable living option than going for conventional site-built homes.

Prefab modular homes are suitable for those wishing for a simple and cost effective way of living. However, modular homes come with a few drawbacks as well, and the lack of sufficient storage spaces is the most discussed one among them. As there is limited space in a modular home, it will get increasingly difficult to store essential items in the home and can eventually cause a buildup of clutter inside.

Moreover, the lack of storage spaces means that homeowners would resort to unconventional ways of keeping the things, which can considerably reduce the available space inside the home. If you were struggling with that, here are a few smart tips to create more storage spaces in your modular home.

Use Racks

Shoe and magazine racks are the best alternatives to store many of the daily-use household items. They are commonly found in most homes and are easily convertible to store numerous other items besides shoes and magazines. The compact size of these racks makes them fit for any space inside the home. Besides, most modern racks come with extended functionalities like additional spaces that would enable you to store even more items.

Utilizing such small and innovative storage systems is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and closets. In the kitchen, fabric shoe racks can be hung on the walls, which will serve as an effective storage space for keeping cleaning items, utensils, silverware, and other kitchen utilities.

Bed Risers

The underside of bed is another suitable space for storing many large items that are not used that often. To add up space in the underside, consider using bed risers beneath the legs to raise the height of the beds, thereby allocating sufficient space for storing many necessities. Moreover, the added height will provide enough space for storing suitcases, decoration items, and other things, while freeing up more floor space in the home.

Dead Spaces

Dead spaces refer to those areas that are not used for anything, such as the refrigerator tops and the underside of kitchen cabinets. Utilizing these spaces is another fitting way to increase the storage spaces inside your home. The top of refrigerators can be used for storing lightweight food items. Similarly, adding cup hooks in the kitchen cabinets would enhance the storage space inside the drawer and allow storing more items.