What are the Benefits of Modular Homes

Modular Home
Modular Homes Benefits

Modular homes are unique because they are factory built. This allows the manufacturer to control the building environment’s climate. This type of construction allows builders to avoid weather related issues and delays. Moreover,  it eliminates the chance of using any damaged materials when building the home.

The Southern Pine Inspection Bureau reports that “most mold… which one observes on lumber…one can normally attribute to the transportation, storage and construction stages.” We discuss some of the other important benefits of modular homes below.

Design Flexibility

Modular housing offers many options and design possibilities. Your small modular home builder will help you select the design and type that best suits your needs and requirements. Modular homes offer a wide range of plans and designs to choose from. In addition, these homes are highly customizable.

Speed of Construction

Home builders can typically assemble a modular home in one third of the time they need to construct a site-built home. The ability to perform site work and construction concurrently greatly reduces the time from manufacture to installation. This can also reduce the interest on home financing.

Better Quality Construction

As these homes are built in factories, manufacturers can use tools unavailable to on-site builders. These include custom manufactured jigs, crane systems, and more. These tools ensure that all the walls, ceilings, and floors are the proper size. Moreover, home builders lag bolt the interior walls of modular homes to the exterior walls, and install insulation on all electrical outlets. They then use straps to brace the walls to the floor.

Inspection & Regulation

Before construction starts, all plans should be reviewed and approved by the state where the home is to be installed. Manufacturers design and build a modular home according to the code for the state they will transport the home to for installation. The manufacturer of the modular home will also contract with some third party inspection agency, licensed by the state to do in-plant inspections while the modular home is in production.

After finishing the housing modules, the agency will label the home. This certifies that it was built in compliance with the plans and complies with the provisions stated in the building code.