Top 5 Popular Modular Home Styles for you

Modular Home
Modular Home Styles

If you planning to have a modular home for you, the first thing that you need to do is to decide on the style and size of the home that you need. There are many small modular homes designs, which perfectly suit for small families. Read on to know more about the various modular home designs available out there.

Ranch Style

The Ranch Style modular home, also called as the rambler or rancher style, is said to have originated in the United States. This style of modular home construction is known for minimal exterior decoration and short stature. Typically, these homes are one story tall and have an ‘L’ shape or an asymmetrical rectangle shape.

Chalet Style

This style of modular home construction takes inspiration from Swiss alpine houses. This style of house is suited for snowier and colder climates. These homes commonly have pointed roofs that are high and tilted at extreme angles, to prevent build up of heavy snow on the roofs of the house. Additionally, these homes will have very large windows and offer great views. This will also offer more sunlight into the house.


This what it exactly sounds like, a house with two above ground stories. The other styles of modular home constructions usually do not have two stories. Even if some did have second stories, a two-storey style modular home will not fit the look of the other styles. This is why it is considered a unique style in modular home construction.

Cape Cod Style

This style of modular homes is very common in colder climates and is very popular in the Northeast regions, where the style originated. This is usually an affordable option and can have two stories or a single story. In Cape Cod style, the exterior is covered with windows, shingles, shutters, and dormers. As the roof is sloped steeply, this type of modular home can have an attic that can offer extra storage space or even an additional floor.

Colonial Style

These types of modular homes are usually found in the southern states and can be recognized easily from their size and big white columns. Most of these homes have front porches and sometimes may have porches that wrap around the house. These homes are tall and inviting, and can be two stories high.