Simple Tips to Build a Self-Sufficient Modular Home

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Self-Sufficient Modular Home

If you are a person who is planning to include eco-friendly features to your new modular home, or if you are looking to live completely off the grid, then modular homes are an excellent housing choice for you, because they are an ideal housing option for self sufficient living. However, building a self-sufficient modular home may not be as easy as it seems. You will initially have to address four crucial areas while building a self-sufficient modular home such as waste management, water, cooling and heating, and power.

There are plenty of sustainable features in almost all modular homes and they usually come as a part of their standard build, but you could also add several optional extras. However, if you are planning to build a modular home that is self sufficient, then you will have to find alternative sources for your water and energy needs. In addition to that, you will also have to set-up or install a system to dispose of the wastes.

There are a plenty of ways, through which you can achieve self-sufficiency, but some of them does require large infrastructure and investment, while others require just a few simple additions or adjustments while building the modular homes. Below are a few ideas that will help you to build a self-sufficient modular home.

Solar Power

Solar panels capture the rays of the sun and convert the energy into electricity for your new modular home. Many homeowners are using solar panels these days due to the significant increase in electricity cost. The installation of solar panels can be a bit expensive, but you can effectively solve the issue by building a standalone system.

Heating and Cooling

Installing solar panels on your modular home will help you to get the energy to power cooling and heating. However, if you are looking to reduce the reliance on solar panels for heating and cooling, then installing double glazed windows and increasing ceiling and wall insulations will significantly reduce the need for artificial heating and cooling.

Waste Disposal

If you want to effectively manage your toilet and water wastage, then you will have to do a little research and identify the best systems that suit the conditions of your site. A grey water treatment and septic system usually works for almost all modular homes, but you could also choose compositing toilets because they will help you to save both money and water over time.