Roofing Upgrades that Will Alter the Overall Look of a Modular Home

Modular Home
Modular Home Roofing Upgrades

Modular homes have the advantage of carrying out all kinds of upgrades in its interior and exterior. Upgrading the home is one way to enhance the look and value of the home. Besides, it will also aid in improving the efficiency and functionality of the home.

Upgrading the roofs is one of the best ways in transforming the overall look of a modular home. The roofing is the key component of most small modular homes that improves the efficiency of the home besides its appearance. However, installing the roofing is a complicated process that requires the proper expertise and skills. Consulting and hiring a professional roofing expert is preferred if you intend to carry out any roofing upgrades on the home.

Note that going for Do-It-Yourself methods is not encouraged here, as it can cause damage to the roofing material during the installation process. Described below are some of the roof upgrading methods that will transform the look and functionality of your modular home.

Installing Skylights

Skylights are one of the latest trends among modern modular homes. Installing skylights into the roofing is a great way in considerably altering the look of the interiors. Skylights will allow more amount of natural light into the interiors of the home. This is a great boon to the homeowner, as it will help in reducing the dependence on heating and cooling systems in the homes, which will minimize the monthly utility bills. Installing skylight into the rooms will also offer a sense of more spaciousness into the rooms particularly their height.

Rain Gutters and Waterproofing

Setting up rain gutters around the roofing is an excellent means of effectively collecting the rainwater and channeling it to the ground or a storage tank. The installation process of gutters is much easier and is one of the most inexpensive roofing upgrades that you can carry out in your modular home. Besides, it also adds up to the looks of the roofing and the entire home. After the installation, apply a coat of waterproofing solution atop the roof for preventing seepage of water into the material.

Roof Painting

Painting the roof is another great way to enhance the overall look of the home. Consider applying UV paint onto the roof since it can reflect sunlight better which will be immensely helpful for those living in warmer areas. UV paints will significantly decrease the absorption of heat thereby resulting in a much cooler home. Moreover, it will also facilitate reduced usage of the heating and cooling system thereby minimizing the energy costs.