Parties Involved In Planned Overlays in a Modular Home

Small Modular Homes
Modular Home Planned Overlays

Small modular homes need a permit while adding an overlay to the home property. Contractors consider erosion risks, greenery, and neighborhood before implementing the proposed changes by homeowners. They do that with proper planning as well to keep the changes in tune with the various zonal rules.

Why Homeowners Seek Permit

The homeowner hires experts for overlaying the home property. The Erosion Management Overlay and Wildlife Management Overlay grant the permit after conducting a detailed study. This is in the general interest of homeowners and these organizations to protect the environment. Then, the contractor builds the modular home overlays by looking into various rating specifications and other things specified in the zonal reports.

Different Types of Overlays

There are three types of planned overlays available for small modular homes:

  • Environmental and Landscape Overlays
  • Heritage and Built Form Overlays
  • Land Management Overlays

Exemptions also exist for homeowners who intend to make full use of their plans. For instance, while adding landscape plants, erection should be done safely to protect the environment. In land management, however, a qualified professional will do the inspection in favor of zonal bodies.

What Goes into Modular Homes Landscaping

Those modular homes with many trees and bushes in the garden many need frequent landscape changes. The number of trees in the home property will play a crucial role in small modular home landscaping.

Arborist Reports Limit Cutting Down Trees

Arborists are technicians who are experienced in cutting down trees with surgical precision. Erosion Management Overlay institute might prevent cutting down of trees while landscaping small modular homes. The arborist reports are so precise that it takes into account the number of trees residing in the home property. One tree equals plenty of customizations to your modular home!

Sometimes, a modular home needs an overlay to maintain the harmony of life, especially for the neighbors. Neighbors are the ones who usually take the initiative to tell homeowners that a certain tree is growing beyond the local and zonal regulations. Overlays can be efficiently added to the landscaping of your modular home, with the help of an experienced contractor.