Modular Home Prices and Costs Comparison

Modular Home Prices
Modular Home Cost Comparison

Anyone thinking about making a modular home will consider the costs involved in the process. It will be easy to answer the price question if all you need to know is the price of the modular home that is delivered to the site. However, the costs involved in modular home construction include much more than the price of the home.

The average cost to set up a modular home will include the price of the home and the costs for the site preparation works that are involved in the setting up and installing the home in the building site. The site preparation charges will include labor charges and will be influenced by factors like site preparation and development, as well as building code requirements.

For instance, the average modular home prices in the state of Indiana will be less than that in states that need installation of sprinkler systems or other building code compliances. Some of the westerns states have even put forward additional requirements for modular home foundations to meet the necessary seismic codes, which mean that the modular home costs would vary more there.

In addition, homes that are built in coastal areas need installation of windows that are capable of withstanding hurricane force winds, whereas those modular homes built in the northern states will need strong roofs that can withstand heavy snow load. The best way to make an estimate about the modular home prices is to decide a floor plan and then talk to a modular home manufacturer or builder in your area.

Finish Prices of Modular Homes

All modular home manufacturers and factories will have their own construction methods and specifications. You should ask the modular home manufacturer or builder for a list of their standard specifications. Apart from the standard specs of the builder, you will also have your own ideas and specifications about the modular home; but always understand that the better the building specs, higher will be the price of the home. Some of the construction factors that affect modular home prices are:

Construction Options

The construction options for modular homes include the roof pitch of the home, bump outs, reverse gables, clear spans, porch roofs, ceiling height and other desired options that incur extra charges.

Interior Finishes

Modular home builders and factories offer standard interior finishing. Included in the interior finishing charges are the costs of bath and kitchen cabinets, lighting fixtures, faucets, trim, flooring, etc.

Exterior Finishes

Like the exterior finishes, modular home manufacturers offer standard finishes for the exterior, together with a variety of exterior finish options to customize the home as per the need of the buyer.