Modular Home Maintenance Tasks for Spring

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Modular Home Maintenance

Many professional modular homebuilders advise modular homeowners to conduct regular inspection of their house and to follow good maintenance practices. This is because these preventive measures will help you to protect your investment on the property.

It is true that a regular and consistent schedule of seasonal maintenance is capable of solving all the common and costly issues of your modular home. This is why most of the modular home maintenance activities are seasonal.

The months of April and March are the best time to assess the damages that may have happened to your home during winter. So, here are a few seasonal maintenance tasks that you should during the spring season.

Clean Off Debris and Inspect the Roof

The buildup of snow and ice on the roof of your modular home and unsuccessful attempts to remove them may result in severe roof damages. Replace any missing or broken shingles as fast as possible, because it will help you to prevent further damages to your modular home.

Check your Ventilation Systems

Conduct a thorough inspection of your modular home to ensure whether the ventilation is moving correctly or not, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms of your modular home. If the air is filtered properly, then you will not have to worry about having a mold problem in your home.

Check the Foundation

If you are planning to buy a new modular home, then you should note the fact that the foundation of your factory built home would get settled only after a few years. So, if you own a modular home, then make sure that your foundation is leveled and not damaged.

Remove Insulation Tape from Windows

Insulation tape will continue to stay on to your windows for at least a year but if you want to properly clean the windows of your home, then we highly recommend you to remove the insulation tape from the windows. In addition to that, cleaning the windows of your modular home will also bring more sunlight to your home.

Repair Screens

Cold weather may often result in small tears in the screen of your windows. If you want to prevent the entry of bugs or insects into your modular home, then repair the screens as soon as winter is over. You should be also ready to replace the windows of your home if necessary.