Installing Recessed Lighting in a Modular Home

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Recessed lighting is an affordable modern alternative to traditional lighting, which is one of the major reasons why they are the most preferred lighting choice of modular homeowners. Recessed lighting comes in a wide variety of trim and housing options. So, you will be easily able to find the perfect recessed lighting for your modular home without much research.

However, installing recessed lighting may not be as easy as installing a regular lighting, since they are set right into the ceiling. If you are planning to install recessed lighting in your modular home on your own, then these few steps will certainly come in handy during the installation.

Choose your Fixture

The type of fixture you will choose will have a significantly big impact on where you will be installing it. There are two basic types of recessed light fixtures: remodel and new construction lighting. Before choosing one, get in touch with your interior designer and homebuilder to find the right type of lighting fixture for your modular home.

Select a Location

Turn off the electricity to your modular home and ensure that it is off by checking with a circuit tester. Now, select a spot that is unobstructed by ceiling joints for installing the recessed lighting.

Cut the Hole

Use the template supplied with your lighting fixture to trace its outline on the ceiling of your house. Get a hole-cutting saw or a drywall saw to precisely cut a hole for the recessed lighting fixture.

Install the Wiring System

The next step is to carefully install the recessed lighting wiring system. You will have to run a new cable from the switch box and the power source to the hole. This will be a pretty simple task if you are installing the recessed light into an attic space. However, installing the wiring systems between stories can be a difficult task and you may even have to seek the help of an expert for that.

Secure the Outer Housing

Slowly install the outer housing to the hole and secure it as mentioned on the manufacturer’s label. Secure the body of the recessed lighting and make sure that all electrical connections are in the correct place. Turn on the power to test out the recessed lighting system in your modular home. If they are not working properly, it is best to seek the help of an expert technician.