How to Install New Blinds in Small Modular Homes

Small Modular Homes
Install New Blinds

Removing the old window blinds on small modular homes and replacing them with new window blinds would change the room ambiance. Window blinds give a covering to the home window, much like window curtains, and homeowners have lots of options to choose from when picking new window blinds.

There are many types of window blinds available in the market including plastic blinds, wooden, or metal blinds. Anyhow, you need to prepare the windows first before buying a new blind for your small modular homes window. Below are some steps to swap the window blinds on your own.

Open up Window Blinds Fully

To open the metallic blinds on a bi-fold window, pull the blind cord downwards until the blinds reach the top most position of the window’s metallic bar. Usually, the metallic bar would be pressed against the wall in small modular homes. Opening up the window blinds would help to prevent damages while you remove the window blinds subsequently.

Remove Window Mounting Accessories

To remove the window mounting brackets, you need to take off the window blind covering. There will be brackets holding the window blinds together to the wall with clips. If you do not spot the covering on the metal bracket on top, remove the brackets straightaway. If there is a bracket cover, then take it off from the window blinds and then remove the window brackets.

Pull out Window Blinds from the Window

Once you remove the mounting accessories, grab a hold of the top of the window blinds with both hands, one near either end of the window. When you pull out the blinds, pull them toward the room and away from the glass windows to avoid any accidental splintering. If the blinds stay unmoved, inspect the top of the window again and check if you missed removing any mounting accessory.

Install the New Window Blinds

After doing all the above steps, install the new window blinds on your own following the instruction manual provided with them. Use a flat screwdriver to hook the new mounting accessories on the window, including clips and brackets. Once you place the new blinds on the window, patch the gap between the window and the wall with wall putty and paint over the holes. You can even decorate your new windows as per your liking.