Front Door Materials for Modern Modular Homes

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Front Door Materials

It will be good for you to have a good idea on the various types of materials that are used in making exterior front door of homes while looking for the type of material to be used to make the exterior door of your modern modular home. The different materials that can be used o front door construction of modular homes are explained below.


Having a metal door can be a great option as these doors are sturdy and stable and can last for years. Moreover, issues with wooden doors, like rotting and shrinking, can be avoided if you install a metal front door in your modular home.

Metal doors can offer great levels of security that the other materials may not offer. However, the main disadvantage of having a metal door is that it may not always match with the rest of the home décor, especially if you are living in an old modular home.

If you are upgrading the home to offer it a modern outlook though, then metal doors can be your best bet. You can install wrought iron doors as well, as they are aesthetically appealing.


If you love the beauty of wood, but do not like to deal with the maintenance part, then a fiberglass door can be the best option for you. Fiberglass is much appreciated for its decorative value and is a very affordable option. If you have children in your home, fiberglass door can be a good option than wooden doors as these doors can be cleaned and wiped easily and can hide scratches better than wood.

The disadvantage of having a fiberglass door as front door is that the door may not be sturdy and safe as the wooden or metal doors. However, if you are looking for something beautiful and affordable for the front door, fiberglass can be the right option for you.


Wood can be the most traditional option for a modular home front door and these doors will easily match with the style of most of the modern modular homes. You will have the option to paint the wooden door to match with the décor of the home. In addition, there are many varieties of wood that can match well with almost any style of modular home construction.

The downside of installing wooden doors as exterior door is that you will have to keep up with the maintenance works for the door to function properly for a long time. So, you will need to understand the amount of money and time that you may need to spend if you opt for wooden exterior doors.