Finishing Works to Do Before Moving to your New Modular Home

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The construction of almost all modular homes happens inside a factory-like setting, which means that their construction process will not be affected by adverse weather conditions. Consequently, the construction process of a modular home gets completed at a rapid pace.

Many customers have a misconception that a factory-built modular home will arrive to their building site as completely constructed. However, this is not true, because the factory will prefabricate only 90 percent of the modular home, which means that you will still have to do a number of finishing works to the home before moving in. Below are a few common finish tasks for your newly built modular home.

Finishing HVAC

HVAC is actually a fancy word, which is used to describe the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning of your modular home. Your local builder will make a connection between your new home and the neighborhood pipes for your sewage and water needs. If you don’t have any municipal services near you, then your local builder with connect your modular home to its own septic and water system.

Installing Interior Trim

Modular home manufacturers usually complete the installation of most of the interior trim of your home, but they will not be able to interior trim at the marriage wall of your new home. You can only install this trim after placing the modules together on a permanent foundation.

Installing Exterior Trim

Some of the modular home manufacturers prefer not to install the exterior trim and other finish materials on modular homes to ensure the safe transport of these structures. However, some homebuilders also do it to maximize the interior space of modular homes. So, make sure to install the exterior trim after assembling the modules of your new home.

Sealing House

Your new modular home will be arriving to your building site as several pieces, which means that your local builder will have to finish sealing the structure from the on-site. There may be a few little gaps on the structure, which needs to be sealed and caulked properly.

Install Siding

Some of the exterior walls of your new modular home arrive at your building site with large gaps of siding or they may not even have siding. So, ask your local builder to install the siding, as it will ensure that there are no gaps between the marriage walls of your modular home.