Choosing the Best Floor Plan for your Modular Home

Modular Home
Modular Home Floor Plan

Modular housing has become one of the most popular and economic house building options these days. Many families prefer modular house over conventional site-built houses owing to the ease of construction and assembling. It is the duty of the modular home manufacturer to make the home and transport it to the construction site and your general homebuilder will assemble and install the home for you. The best part here is the building time, which will be less than a few months, depending on the size of the home.

If you are planning to build a modular home, you should have a clear idea about the style of house that you need and the floor plan. Read ahead to know some of the most popular modular home floor plans you can choose.

Two-Story Floor Plans

If you wish to have a colonial two-story home, then you can opt for the two-story modular floor plans. You can have a variety of designs from the affordable two bedroom plans to the luxurious six bedrooms masterpiece designs. Two-story floor plans can be a great choice for those who are looking to have the maximum square footage in minimum costs. You can have a number of two-story modular home floor plans to choose from.

Cape Code Floor Plans

Styling is the attraction of Cape Code type modular homes. This floor plan can accommodate homes from one to five bedrooms as per the needs of the homeowner. The signature roof shape of this style of modular home will offer a charming appeal to the home, with the added advantage of second story living area. This floor plan allows for customization in the second-story space and is great for those families that are looking for some extra space in their home.

Ranch Floor Plans

Many of us think that the ranch style floor is very simple and plain, but it has an exciting collection of plans to offer. These varied plans will show you that a ranch style modular home can be anything you want the home to be. You can have anything from an economical two-bedroom ranch house to a giant five-bedroom ranch style home. In addition, you may easily add beautiful style elements to the house, while maintaining the easy flowing design.