Checking a Modular Home for Water Damage

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Checking Water Damage

If you are planning to buy a modular home for you and your family to live in, it is wiser to conduct a thorough inspection of the structure and check for water damages because it will help you to avoid serious issues in the future. Water not only damages the floors and walls of a home, it can also result in permanent structural damages.

Floods, leaks, overflowing water sources, leaky appliances, and ice dams are the major culprits behind water damages in a modular home. Even though water damage can happen anywhere inside a modular home, you should check a few high-risk areas first. So, make sure to follow the below-mentioned steps when you are inspecting a modular home for water damage.

Check the Walls

The earliest sign of water damage that you can spot in a modular home is water stains on the ceilings and walls of the house. You should also carefully inspect the door and window frames of the house for stains. Note that unusual stains in these parts of the home can be a sign of a drain inside the wall. A part of the wall that was exposed to water will be soft to touch and it will look a little bit swollen.

Check the Floors

Water damage can happen to all different types of flooring. If the damage is not properly treated, then it may gradually seep down to the sub floor of the modular home. So, look for any signs of buckling or warping of the floors, particularly in the basement. If the floor of the modular home looks warped, then water damage might be most probably the cause. Moreover, if you note that the water damage in the house is not minor, it is best to look for other options.

Check the Pipes

Thoroughly inspect the piping in the bathrooms, basement, laundry room, and kitchen for corrosion, water stains, or leaks. In addition to that, you should also examine the caulking around the bathroom fixtures and look for loose or missing caulks. If you identify any such issues, seek the help of a local contractor to check whether the damages are minor or not. You should also ask the local contractor on how much will it cost you to fix the damages.