Alternative Green Energy Options Available for Small Modular Homes

Small Modular Homes
Alternative Green Energy Options

One of the greatest advantages of living in a modular home is the energy efficiency it offers. Compared to traditional site-built homes, small modular homes are highly energy efficient. This makes them perfect for homeowners interested in a sustainable lifestyle. The simple and efficient construction of modular homes assists in minimizing the dependence on conventional energy sources. However, there are various means to make the home more energy efficient. They can further reduce the dependence on energy for the heating and cooling of the home.

The addition of various green options that includes alternative energy sources is a great way to enhance the self-sufficiency of the modular home while also helping in cutting the costs. Such features will drastically reduce the dependence on outside energy sources, which is ultimately beneficial for the environment in long run. Below are some of the available alternative green options that you can incorporate in prefabricated houses for better energy efficiency.

Solar Panels

Solar energy is the most dependable and sufficient renewable energy source available today. Incorporating solar panels on the roof of your modular home is an excellent green energy option. The panels will generate electricity when sunlight falls on them, which is useful for a wide range of applications in a home like heating and cooling. Finally, these panels are highly sensitive and can produce electricity using minimal sunlight, which is a boon for homes located in areas that receive less sunlight.

Wind Turbines

Wind energy is free, sustainable energy that is available throughout every part of the world. Installing wind turbines on a pole atop the home will generate enough electricity to run many essential appliances inside your home, including your heating and cooling systems. When you install the turbine, make sure to orient it in the direction that receives wind throughout the day. Using wind energy reduces cost and environmental impact, offering a better alternative to conventional energy.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy uses the earth’s core for heating. In regions where sufficient sunlight or wind to generate energy is not present, it presents an excellent option. A geothermal pump is added into the home. It pumps cool air to the earth’s core, where it is heated and returned for warming up the entire home. Furthermore, it helps to maintain a uniform heat inside the home in all weather conditions, and aids significantly in cutting heating costs.